Genital warts, condyloma

fig warts, condylomas, mandrel warts, stick warts,

the genital warts look like small tumors, skin tags, rough-surfaced warts. Genital warts, condylomas feel hard and can grow on the rectum, in the rectum, on the vagina or in the vagina, on the penis. They occur on the soles of the feet or on the heels Plantar warts (plantar warts or verrucae plantares) , which can also appear between the toes. Normal warts on the skin are also caused by viruses. They are hard knots with a rough, scratchy surface. On the other hand are Skin warts or fibroids white and have a smooth surface. Normal warts and skin warts do not hurt and are not contagious. But genital warts and condylomas are painful and contagious. Genital warts (condylomas) are caused by viruses that can be contracted during sexual contact or possibly in a public toilet. Genital warts tend to grow and widen, proliferate. Genital warts can then spread over a wide area and completely disfigure the intimate area. Genital warts, stem warts are also known as Buschke - Löwenstein tumors. One also talks about acquired anal condyloma (lat. Condyloma acuminata) or genital condyloma.  

Where do condylomas occur?

anal condyloma:

Condylomas form on the rectum, in the anal area and in the anal canal. Therefore, a complete proctological examination with proctoscopy /mirroring/ is required to determine the extent of the infection /virus infestation. Should hemorrhoids be present, then their laser treatment is recommended. 

penile condyloma                                Male intimate surgery, penis lengthening, penis enlargement

Condylomas grow both on the shaft of the penis and on the glans. Here, particularly gentle and professional removal is necessary in order to fully preserve the integrity of the penis, to retain sensitivity and to prevent scars. Condylomas also spread to the scrotum.


Vaginal condyloma                       

Vaginal tightening - intimate surgery-labia correction-vaginal tightening in Cologne HeumarktClinic

Condylomas can spread on the small and large labia as well as in the vaginal entrance. Therefore, vaginal examination and endoscopy is used for diagnosis in women. The intravaginal condylomas affecting the labia and possibly the clitoris should only be removed with a laser. The laser intimate surgeon will then set a special, gentle dose of the laser beam depending on the size, extent and affected area, which ensures complete condyloma removal with maximum protection of the affected intimate area.

CAUSES of condylomas

So far, more than 200 types of HPV viruses have been detected, which can cause genital warts, condylomas, skin tags, plantar warts. Due to mutations, new types appear that can infect mucous membranes or the skin. These viruses can also cause common warts elsewhere on the skin. The genital warts that appear in the intimate area (genital and anal area) are mostly the HPV types 6 and 11 responsible. The HPV types that cause warts and condylomas belong to the group of low-risk (low risk) types. Types 6, 11, 42, 43, 54, 57, 70, 72 and 90 fall into this group. 

However, there are also other HPV types that can lead to the occurrence of cancer in the infected skin or mucous membrane area. The high-risk types are types 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 68, 73 and 82, which are associated with a prolonged infection in the intimate organs (vagina , labia, cervix, glans penis, etc.) or even in the head and neck areas can also cause cancer. To do this, however, they must have existed for many years. Up to 70% of cervical cancer is caused by HPV types 16 and 18. 

The viruses that cause genital warts are called HPV 6 and HPV 11 viruses, but the viruses have hundreds of variants. Way of contact is sexual. The risk of cancerous degeneration of condylomas is low, we have not seen such a case for 20 years. However, with the current state of medicine in Germany, patients do not allow the genital warts to spread, people contact the doctor early and have the small condylomas - correctly - removed. This prevents the development of cancer. 

Diagnosis of genital warts

The genital warts are discovered by the patients themselves as small, hard nodules with an irregular, rough surface as a “foreign” growth. The doctor also diagnoses through inspection and palpation, and determines the depth of skin ingrowth using high-resolution ultrasonography. However, anyone can be a carrier of viruses without the formation of condylomas, genital warts. The condylomas usually grow out when the immune system is weak. The virus types HPV type 6 and 11 mean a low risk of cancer, HPV 16 and 18 are more likely to cause cancer. You can have HPV virus tests done, but these are often falsely negative. 

Treatment of genital warts: Laser recommended

From a practical point of view, early genital wart removal is the most important thing.

Electrotherapy / radio wave therapy is the oldest. One can combine these with caustic ointments and solutions - Condylox - to prevent the risk of recurrence - recurrence. Dermatologists often prescribe ointments that reduce genital warts but never really go away.

Laser Vascular Plastic Surgery

That's why we don't recommend them. Above all because genital warts with the new one Diode laser 1470 nm Wavelength can be removed quickly, completely and, above all, without damaging the skin and without scars, even under local anesthesia. Laser therapy is particularly important when condylomas, growths on the penis or vagina, occur in the vaginal entrance. Because doing traumatizing treatments there with other methods and thereby provoking recurrence, scars, inflammation is probably avoidable if you use the 1470 nm diode laser recommended by us. The condyloma has a special, selective sensitivity to this laser beam so that the growth is immediately burned out, vaporized, but the underlying skin remains nearly intact, unharmed. The penetration depth of the laser beam is precisely regulated by the experienced laser surgeon. For this, see our before and after pictures and videos, which impressively show that the skin after laser removal of genital warts on the penis, on the glans itself, remains completely natural and undamaged. This is a major advance over previous electrical or radio wave methods. However, the laser treatment also has the advantage that the spread of viruses is prevented, which is unfortunately the case with other methods. Because the viruses are dissolved, evaporated and destroyed together with the tissue in which they are. Destroying the virus is therefore the best safeguard against local spread and spread. 

Cost of genital wart therapy

In our private practice, billing is based on the doctors' fee schedule. This then covers preliminary examinations, surgery, anesthesia and materials. Because of the use of the laser, the private health insurance company can demand a reason and assess the reimbursement of the costs in individual cases. There is therefore no 100% guarantee for the transfer of all invoice items, an expense of approx. 220-300 EUR with non-accommodating private funds must be taken into account. Those with statutory health insurance pay the full invoice amount themselves – depending on the number of condylomas – as self-payers. Nevertheless, those with the laser option are well advised, because it ensures complete removal without spreading viruses, but with maximum protection of the underlying skin, penis skin, anal skin, skin on the vagina. 

Prevention of condylomas

There are also Immunotherapy by vaccination against relapses. Immunotherapy is not effective against all types of HPV viruses. But there are good vaccines against the most important variant  HPV 6 and 11 and protect against the cancer-risk variants HPV 16 and 18.

Prognosis of genital warts

If the genital warts are removed, the overall prognosis is good. After electrotherapy, we often saw recurrences, which then needed Condylox follow-up treatment. Since the laser vaporization - destruction of condylomas, we have seen almost no recurrence, but our experience is only about 2 years ago. Large studies with several thousand participants are necessary in order to be able to more precisely specify the risk frequency for the individual types of condyloma treatment. There are currently no such large studies for laser treatment. However, the complete, rapid and total removal without residues while at the same time protecting the skin and mucous membrane bearing the condyloma alone speak for the laser therapy of condyloma.

Anyone who suspects this should report immediately to a condyloma and laser specialist in the intimate area, have them examined and have the condylomas removed quickly before they destroy the intimate area by spreading and even becoming malignant. 

Warts and Plantar Warts, Skin Warts

Warts on the foot are called plantar warts, plantar warts, which are most common on the sole or heel or between the toes. They got their name – plantar warts – from the thorn-like appearance, which presents itself as a heavily horny, hard skin knot, which often causes pressure pain, especially when walking. Plantar warts - like normal warts in other places - protrude far into the subcutaneous tissue and infiltrating it, so they have the "roots" far below the skin.  

Warts and plantar warts are also triggered by HPV viruses. As Plantar warts, plantar warts, or plantar warts are also called plantar warts. Growing together, they can appear like a mosaic, then one talks about Mosaic Warts

Therapy of warts and plantar warts and skin tags

Laser treatment has proven to be the best. All types of warts are completely vaporized by the laser until the healthy layer of skin is removed. Through the enormous laser beam Temtemperature, all viruses are completely destroyed, even in the wound bed. However, the healing of warts that have penetrated deep into the subcutaneous tissue takes a long time - 5-8 weeks - and should be monitored and accelerated by regular medical wound checks. 



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