3d Breast lift without a vertical scar

What is a no-vertical-scar-breast-lift?

The 3D breast lift without a vertical scar is a new procedure by the breast specialist Dr.Haffner, which restores relaxed breasts, ptotic breast after pregnancy into the original, youthful form and maintain a natural 3D symmetry, while avoiding the usual disfiguring vertical scars. The new principles of breast lift without vertical scar been published as „3d Symmetry, Axiality and Internal Muscular Bra for Breast Reduction and Breast Enlargement“ in 2009. Dr.Haffner’s project on 3D reconstructive breast lift – Haffner-Lift was further developed and slowly revolutionized the entire plastic breast surgery: effective breast lift with a nice projection and inconspicuous scar was not known until the discovery of the new method – 3D breast lift without vertical scar . The Benelli procedure is characterized by the lack of projection – flatness of the nipple and by stronger periareolar scars, by the absence of an effective breast tightening and therefore not recommended by experts.

The Breast Reduction of the 21st Century

The procedure – the 3D breast lift without a vertical scar is new. It takes at least 10 years in science until a new procedure is learned and applied by many surgeons nationally and internationally as a new standard. The scar can be spared on all hanging breasts if the new method, the 3D breast lift without vertical scar applied. Scars on the breast are „out“, no woman must tolerate a disfigured breast with a „stamp“ of a breast lift, a vertical or T- or J scar. For larger breasts a tightening in two sessions can be performed. In case of weak connective tissue, Dr.Haffner recommends to implant special supporting nets in addition to the innovative 3D breast lift – nevertheless, the breast is left free of the vertical or T or L scarring. Thus, the „stamp“ does not have a breast lift because the periareolar scar usually develops unobtrusively and treats itself in the aftercare phase in such a way that it remains hidden in a pleasant and aesthetically hidden way.

Experiences with 3D Breast Lift without Vertical Scar:

Look for experience reports on Dr.Haffner’s breast tightening methode at Jameda by women who have already experienced the procedure and don´t let yourself made stupid by the better-knowing plastic surgeon who does not know the new procedure, and don`t let you disfigured your breast for your whole life by old procedures . Women stand for your freedom of speech and freedom of speech on the Internet and know the results after Haffner’s 3D breast lift without a vertical scar and but their before-after pictures on the 3D breast lift without a vertical scar in the Internet. And now they can live with breasts which have a youthful symmetrical form again, whose nipple is raised by 6-8 cm, which now have an appealing decolleté and all this without a vertical scar, though with long-term stability and dimensional symmetry. Every woman can look at the images pictures and after about the 3d breast reduction without a vertical scar and decide whether to allow an unnecessary, declining scar on the breast, whether you are convinced by the before-after pictures about 3D breast lift. Experience reports about the 3d breast lift without vertical scar at Go-feminine, or as a „super result“ under estheticon or „worthwhile“ with the verdict „with dr.Haffner … was worth it“ and „great result“ or as “ Perfect breast tightening „also with the judgment“ class „the 3D breast tightening under the currently 101 reviews about Dr.Haffner at Jameda designated.

You can contact Patients with the 3D breast lift without vertical scar,too! We give you the phone number of former patients who has already put their before after pictures in the web and can show you also live the breasts that are again in the youthful symmetrical form, whose nipple was lifted by 6-8 cm, which now have a very appealing decolleté and all that without vertical scar, with long-term stability and safety. Contact us now!

Why is the 3D breast lift without vertical scar badly talked from competitors ?

Criticism is recognition! Envy proves success! Of course, there is great advertising campaign against the new method of breast lift, because colleagues who do not know the procedure at all, better know why only their old methods are the right one. Typical sayings, with which also patients in consultations „dumb“ are said that it can´t be made otherwise, as with a vertical scar, that „I am the specialist for it“, therefore I know it just better that „there is No 3D breast lift without vertical scar“ – which talk is not else, as a public defamation in order to get more patients for old methods. Please think about that and call us for real informations, real results and pictures and save your breast against unecessary scars.